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Hen Rehoming Dates & Locations

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions even if you have previous experience in hen keeping, there are important points you need to read. If you haven’t registered or rehomed hens from us before, please register for hens using the link here.

If you have adopted from us before, either call us on 01884 860084 or
email hens@bhwt.co.uk telling us how many hens you would like and your postcode – we will do the rest, and do our best to get some hens for you as soon as possible.

To find your nearest hen collection point, simply find a location on the map. When you click on the collection point, a box pops open containing the next provisional rehoming date. We update this page as soon as we have any new dates confirmed, so please check back regularly to make sure you don’t miss out.

Note that locations displayed and listed are approximate and full location information and direction details will be provided when hen reservations are confirmed.

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‘Halcyon’ days for 13 lucky hens!

[su_image_slider image1=”https://holly.undermywing.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/cheeks-betty-tracie-emerson.jpg”]PRESS RELEASE – 06-07-2010 Keen animal lover Philippa Forrester is a household name,having presented some of the landmark series of the past two decades,including

26 miles and counting!

Very best of luck to Joey and Corinne from Copthorne Vets in Shrewsbury who will be undertaking the Mynd Dover 26 mile walk on Saturday,

500,000 steps in 50 days!

Here is a lovely update from the inspiring Kyra de Groome about her 500,000 steps in 50 days challenge!  She has just finished the challenge

A fox tip

If you have the terrible experience of finding a fox has visited your hen enclosure, your first instinct will be to pick up any hens

A gift from the garden

A hen-lover has raised over £300 for three charities by holding a garden party at her home in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Part of the money raised by

Do Recovering Ex-bats Need to Wear Hen Coats

A Healthy Hen Comb

A healthy hen comb and should be red, plump and glossy (this often denotes she’s in lay). Have you ever wondered what the function of a hens’s

A lovely donation…

THE wonderful team at Ash Veterinary Surgery in Merthyr Tydfil donated £75 to the British Hen Welfare Trust, despite having its charity tin stolen. We were saddened

A Royal Hengagement

The Queen turns 92 next weekend and hundreds of hens are hoping join in the celebrations whilst settling into free range retirement homes across the

spa day

A winter spa day

In this horrible wet weather there is a shortage of dry dust bath areas for your hens to perform their ablutions. Dust baths are important


We have all seen their slick TV advertising, but we wanted to find out if Aldi’s welfare credentials are all they’re cracked up to be given their low prices.

Aldi to phase out caged eggs

Some truly wonderful news has reached us here at Hen Central just in time for the weekend – Aldi is to start phasing out the

Allen & Page

“We are proud to have such a long association with the British Hen Welfare Trust and pleased to be feeding the nation’s ex-bats.”

Amanda Holden

“I used to have some ex-battery hens when I was a child and remember well the sorry condition they arrived in and the pleasure it was to see them”

An eggcellent read

Mad about hens? Just can’t get enough of those ginger ninjas? Then take a look at our Chicken & Egg magazine… As you can see

avian flu

An update on avian flu

Afternoon everyone As promised we want to keep you abreast of any latest news, and also provide some further advice, regarding the avian flu threat

Do Recovering Ex-bats Need to Wear Hen Coats

Are hens still in cages?

I really enjoy talking to new re-homers and love the enthusiasm and passion that comes across when we are discussing the arrival of the lucky

Are you eating illegal eggs?

[su_image_slider image1=”https://holly.undermywing.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/eggs1.jpg”]PRESS RELEASE – 09-01-2012 Tucking into a pub meal? Enjoying bit of quiche, ice-cream or a ready meal? Did you know that the eggs

Do Recovering Ex-bats Need to Wear Hen Coats

Ask Gaynor – 7 Jan 2016

Recently Janet Stokes asked: Okay, why do my rescues still feel quite thin, when they have access to food – warmed mash, pellets and crumb

Avian Flu Outbreak

There was an outbreak of avian flu in East Yorkshire earlier this year and we thought it timely to remind you that we all need

Baked Eggs with Creamy Nutmeg Spinach

Try this tasty twist on a classic Italian recipe of baked eggs with creamy nutmeg spinach. Eggs are full of protein and the healthy leafy green spinach counts

Baking = Fundraising Success!

Did you know that research published by the Charities Aid Foundation found that bake sales in Great Britain helped to raise an estimated £185 million

Be a Runny Egg!

Christmas is around the corner which means plenty of indulgence. From mince pies to Yorkshire puds, Christmas cake to mulled wine, we all love to

Benefits of Green Tea

This week I am going a little off-piste and into non-scientifically proven ground and talk about Green Tea. Green Tea? Yes a morning cuppa for

BHWT eBay super star!

This week we would like to celebrate our eBay super star Megan Whiteman who has raised over £10,000 for the BHWT through her eBay shop,

Black Dog Free Range Eggs

Devon business, Black Dog Free Range Eggs, is run by a family who have been producing free range eggs for over 20 years.


Boredom busters!

Just like us, hens get bored quickly if they don’t have stimulation. They love new ideas, games and activities, so here are just a few

Brand new bake sale packs!

  Bake for hens’ sake! Here at Hen Central we are just like everybody else…we love a good cake! In fact we are fans of

British Airways

We spoke to Gayle Twigg, British Airways Catering Manager and the article was published in Issue 4 of Chicken & Egg in Spring 2013.

British Hen Welfare Day

Together we can help make hens happier A HEN charity in North Devon is putting on a new national event to help raise funds to

British Hen Welfare Day!

We celebrated this year’s British Hen Welfare Day at Hen Central with a wonderful selection of yummy goodies.  It’s hard to decide which was the

Broody hens

Any hen can go broody at any time, broodiness is a natural tendency that all hens have to want to sit on and hatch a

Bugs are good for you!

A survey launched last year in the EU found that over 70% of consumers would eat fish and meat from animals fed on a diet

Do Recovering Ex-bats Need to Wear Hen Coats

Bumble Foot

Does your hen look as if she is wearing over-large carpet slippers? If so she might have Bumble foot. Bumble foot normally starts out with

Caged hens find freedom – behind bars

[su_image_slider image1=”https://holly.undermywing.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/steve-baldwin-flo.jpg”]PRESS RELEASE – 05-10-2011 20 battery hens were re-homed in HM Prison Holloway on Monday, a closed prison for adult women and young offenders.

Call for help in Denmead

Our Denmead team in Hampshire are looking for new team members to help their poorly hens. If you feel you have what it takes to

Can you give Thistle and her friends a loving home?

Thistle and her friends, at just 18 months old have reached the end of their commercial laying life, and are now destined for slaughter. Hen welfare charity, the British Hen Welfare Trust, is holding a pop-up Hen Collection in St. Andrews on 6th June and hopes to find loving homes for hundreds of ex-colony laying hens just like Thistle.

Can you host in Hereford?

Are you an animal lover? Do you have a stable or barn you could lend out once in a while? Then you could be the

Celebrating 10 years of happy hens

A charity set up to educate the public about laying hen welfare celebrates its 10th anniversary today (April 15th 2015).

The British Hen Welfare Trust, best known for its re-homing initiative, has found pet homes for over 450,000 commercial laying hens destined for slaughter since it was established in 2005. Jane Howorth, the Trust’s Founder, was moved by a Panorama documentary in 1977 which illustrated the stark conditions inside battery cages, and she is delighted to have reached this first milestone birthday: “I am thrilled to be celebrating our tenth anniversary, and more importantly to have found homes for so many hens and introduced people to the joys of keeping our lovely ex-bats. Of course we could not have achieved this without our wonderful team of 300+ volunteers around the UK; they have worked so hard to help so many hens.”

Challenge yourself!

If baking isn’t your thing and you’re looking to indulge in some adventure instead, perhaps consider taking part in a challenge event. From trekking across


Charity calls for crocheters!

As you may have heard we love all chickens, especially these lovely little crochet chickens! They are so popular we have run out again and

Chicken & Egg issue 20

Autumn / Winter 2018: Celeb sCoop with Dick and Angel Strawbridge – British Hen Welfare Day – WIN one of five feed bundles – We talk hidden eggs with Jamie and Jimmy

Chicken & Egg issue 21

Spring 2019: Take part in Hensus – Meet the hens changing lives – How we plan to help hens in the next six years – WIN an Omlet Eglu Go UP

Chicken & Egg issue 22

In our summer 2019 issue we give you the chance to win a Todhunter hamper and Higgidy vouchers, plus find out what you told us in our last Hensus survey!

Chicken & Egg issue 23

In our A/W issue: Celeb sCoop with Sarah Beeny; WIN an automatic coop door opener!; Be Avian Flu aware this winter; Putting hens behind bars at HMP Guys Marsh

Chicken charity defends British caged producers

[su_image_slider image1=”https://holly.undermywing.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/enriched-cage.jpg”]PRESS RELEASE – 28-04-2008 The Battery Hen Welfare Trust began its pioneering work five years ago building a bridge between commerce and welfare and

Chicken runs to help our hens

‘Do something eggstra-ordinary – do a chicken run … for the chickens!’ Congratulations to Jan Smith who recently raised a wonderful £219 for more c-lucky

Chickens for the Chop in Corrie?

Viewers of Coronation Street will be aware of the current storyline involving the Nazir family and their hens. Sharif, Grandfather to Zeedan and Alya, was given the hens as a gift and ever since taking delivery of the chickens has been like an expectant father awaiting his first delivery… of an egg.

But concern for the storyline is growing amongst the increasing flock of chicken enthusiasts across the country. The British Hen Welfare Trust, a national charity that finds pet homes for approximately 50,000 ex-commercial hens each year, has been watching the soap with great interest, not least because Antony Cotton (aka Sean Tully) is one of its patrons.

Chilled Out Chickens

Believe it or not hens can get stressed too. A visit from a neighbour’s dog or a close shave with a fox can leave your girls extremely stressed and unsettled.

Clucky Birthday Prince George!

Clucky Birthday Prince George! Flower girls Eva and Eliza Hinks from Dorset help to celebrate Prince George’s Birthday with their British Hen Welfare Trust hens

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